Retailers…Enough Already!

Christmas was always a big holiday for me. As a kid I couldn’t wait to rip into those presents on Christmas morning. But Christmas didn’t just mean getting “stuff.” It meant our whole family would visit our extended family and we’d have these amazing get togethers with all of our relatives. I don’t remember what … Continue reading

What if?

I was driving in typical Wilmington traffic a few weeks ago and getting extremely frustrated. It’s rare for me to drive in Wilmington and not get frustrated. There’s always that “one” driver, you know? So I’m driving and I get stuck behind someone doing 15 below the speed limit in the left lane. I finally … Continue reading

Take a lesson from your younger self

Middle school came to my mind the other day. Why in the heck was I thinking about middle school? What an awkward time. Maybe my subconscious was trying to send me a message. So I thought really hard. Who was I in middle school and why were these memories suddenly surfacing? I was a complete … Continue reading

Why are we so afraid of our real age?

April is an exciting month for me because I always look forward to my birthday each year. It’s the one day of the year it’s okay to say, “It’s all about ME!” and not sound like a complete attention whore. As each birthday comes, I am excited about the possibilities of the coming year and … Continue reading

Celebrities versus Soldiers

In the wake of Whitney Houston’s death the familiar cries on Facebook came out again. “Why are you celebrating the life of a crackhead?” “How about honoring our fallen soldiers?” “Why is Whitney Houston getting all this media coverage and nobody says anything about our brave servicemen who died in the line of duty?” I … Continue reading

About this whole coupon thing

I jumped into the coupon world yesterday.  There are two reasons I was hesitant to try couponing. First, I try to eat healthy whenever possible, which means no processed foods. Most of the coupons I run across are for processed junk. Second, to be completely honest, couponers kind of creep me out and I didn’t … Continue reading

Yeah, that suits you

Having been a complete chicken when it comes to hairstyles, I’ve had medium to long hair for most of my adult life.  “Oh you can do anything you want,” I’d always say to the stylist.  “As long as it’s still long enough to put in a ponytail.”  So that meant I got the same haircut, … Continue reading