Yeah, that suits you

Having been a complete chicken when it comes to hairstyles, I’ve had medium to long hair for most of my adult life.  “Oh you can do anything you want,” I’d always say to the stylist.  “As long as it’s still long enough to put in a ponytail.”  So that meant I got the same haircut, over and over and over.

Girls with short hair are so edgy!  Women with short hair are spunky and sassy!  I always admired ladies brave enough to sport the short haircut.  I just couldn’t see a short cut on me.  Look at all the celebrities with long hair.  Long hair is sexy!  Long hair is beautiful!  Faced with the prospect of having sexy and beautiful hair or being considered edgy and spunky, I chose sexy and beautiful.

Except…my long hair was far from sexy and beautiful.  My long hair was simply stringy, dull and boring.

Embracing the reality that after many years with the same cut my long hair wasn’t going to make me beautiful, or sexy, I figured I might as well go for edgy and spunky.  Or maybe even a little sassy.  So I sat in Elisha’s chair at Blush House of Beaute and asked, “Are you up for giving me a short cut?”  Her eyes got wide and she enthusiastically nodded her head.

Elisha’s scissors were magic.  My hair moved.  My hair had instant style.  My hair was, yeah, even kind of sassy.  I received many compliments on the cut, but I noticed a trend.  People would say, “It suits you.”  And “Oh, you got your hair cut!” was quickly followed by, “Do you like it?”  Now, I wondered, what exactly does that mean?  It suits you?  Do you like it?  Huh?  Was that a nice way of saying they noticed I cut my stringy, dull hair, but even stringy and dull long hair is better than having short hair?

I have no idea what they mean.  But I have thought about it and imagine what they might really be trying to say.  When people say,  “It suits you,” what they mean is, “The haircut is great.  It looks good on you.  Short hair isn’t really sexy, but it’s definitely stylish.”  And if coming from a guy, “I’d never date a girl with short hair, but it’s cute on you.”  And if coming from a girl, “I’d never, ever want to wear my hair that short, but it looks really cute on you!”

My new "short" 'do!

And when they say, “Do you like it?”  maybe they want to compliment you, but only if they’re sure you like it too.   Or, maybe they think your haircut sucks and don’t know what else to say.  That’s fine with me.

I’m at peace with not having sexy and beautiful long hair.  I don’t miss my long hair, but I do have to admit I miss being able to throw my hair back in a good ole ponytail.  I’m happy with my new short ‘do.  It suits me and yes, I like it.


2 thoughts on “Yeah, that suits you

  1. looks wonderful … I understand the “looks good on you, but not for me” .. as you know my hair is “color challenged” … and I hear that all the time.. but I do love you hair, I would love to get the courage to do that !!

  2. I would date a girl with short hair. In fact, I’d prefer it.

    There is something about a woman that is willing to follow her own instinct that I find very attractive.

    Yours is very hot, and you are very datable.


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